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Re: Cross Boom

While fiberglass is "ideally" the correct material, many, many people spend
far less money and use metal cross booms with little to no signal

Kent Brittain, WA5VJB, determined that when mounting a CP yagi in an X as
opposed to a + that the distortion of the pattern is minimal - on the order
of tenths of a dB.

And additionally, think of all the other junk in the neighborhood of your
antennas that are going to cause even more problems - guy wires, rotors,
buildings, etc.  It's not an ideal world we live in!

A nice piece of galvanized pipe is much stronger than fiberglass, won't
deteriorate in UV and won't crush when you tighten the boom clamps on the
antennas.  It's FOUR times cheaper than the fiberglass.

Is a tenth of a dB, shipping hassles, etc. worth all that much?



on 3/6/03 12:25 AM, Franklin Antonio at antonio@qualcomm.com wrote:

>> Actually, I just inquired about shipping of those solid 8' masts. It is
>> $40, not because of the weight, but because of the size. They can ship
>> up to 5 masts for the same $40.
> You may be able to find a local source.  This kind of material is more
> common than most people think.  Look in yellow pages under "plastics".
> In San Diego, for example, there's a place called Ridout Plastics that
> stocks 10' solid fiberglass rods in various diameters, including 1.25" .  I
> drove over and picked one up.  (a 10' long rod just barely fits in my car.)

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