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New Xtal 8.8125 problem

 I'm trying to modify a CalAmp 31732 by changing the original Xtal 8.89844
with a new 8.8125 MHZ to provide an IF output into 2m band (144-146 MHZ).
After replacing with the new Xtal, the circuit does not Oscillate. I' ve not
any waveform into my Oscilloscope, I've not reading on Frequancy  counter.

 I have removed the SMD capacitor located near to crystal, as Ward WC0Y
describes on his article for this model of Down Converter, I've readjusted
the trimmer,
but nothing changed (no oscillation).

 I've checked the new Xtal with a Xtal-tester, it seems to be OK.
The new crystal writes on body:  QSL/N 03E3 8.81250

  I solder again the original Xtal and the circuit oscillates again
What's  going wrong with 8.8125 Xtal and CalAmp 31732 ?

Any suggestion is welcome.

  73 de Mak, SV1BSX
 (vy soon QRV on AO40)

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