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RE: Cardboard Antenna Question Thanks

>Actually, unless the law has been changed, there is no expectation of
>privacy on cordless (i.e. non-cellular) phone conversations.  IIRC,
<Stuff Deleted>

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 had a specific exclusion
for the radio portion of cordless phone communications, public land mobile
radio (mobile phone), and pager service communications.  This exclusion
didn't make it legal to listen to these services, it just made it less
serious than listening to cell calls. The ECPA was changed by congress when
they passed the Cyber Electronic Security Act in 2002. One part of the
change was to eliminate that exclusion (section 108, sub section 2511,
paragraph (B)). The best part is it was changed from a minor offense for
which one can be fined a maximum of $500 to a federal felony for which one
can be imprisoned for up to 5 years.

I've had an email conversation with Riley Hollingsworth about this and they
do take this law seriously.

In my case I had a severe case of interference from a cordless phone running
WBFM at 2401.375 mhz. I would have liked to simply listen to the
until I got some clue as to who the phone user was and where they lived.
this is illegal, I bought another converter and proceeded to build a DFing
Then the phone changed frequencies and I haven't heard it since. I'm sure it
another one will be back so I'm still building the DFing rig.

Steve .. AI7W

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