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Re: [WUN] Space Shuttle 7.185 MHZ

JerryE5109@aol.com wrote:

> At 030 hrs,  YL and OM voices heard and W3NAN  ID announcing retransmission
> of space shuttle activities.  This reception continued until 058 hrs when thr
> V. of  Russia I.S QRMd.  Reception was fairly good except for a bit less than
> good quality audio.  It has been a long time between shuttle activity for me.
> JE   kc5yre
> EL06


I also heard the rebroadcast on 14.292 USB into the evening and on 3860.1 LSB at
night yesterday.  Here in the D/FW area, 442.2 MHz (I beleive from the Lockheed
Amateur Radio Club) is broadcasting the transmission along with programming from
NASA TV during slow periods.

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