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Re: AO-40 U-Band

on 3/2/03 11:00 PM, Gary "Joe" Mayfield at gary_mayfield@hotmail.com wrote:

> You did not mention your antenna, so it is hard to tell if you are
> making the trip.  I believe 30 plus element antennas are the norm with
> around 35 Watts of drive (after coax losses).  The good ops turn the power
> down when they can.

Actually, with a 40 element or similar circularly polarized antenna, you can
easily work the bird with 5 to 10 W out of the radio.  My normal operation
is with this much power and this range translates into the proper EIRP to
hit the bird.  This assumes a squint of probably less than 10 degrees.  With
the squint higher, then I have to run maybe 20 to 25 W.
> You need more uplink on the weekends, less during the week, and even
> less during working hours.

Well, yes and no.  Even though you may need a "little" more juice on the
weekend, one should always run as little as necessary to hear themselves.
I've found a couple weeks ago as I was working stations that it was tempting
to crank up the power when I'd hear my signal drop due to the AGC.  Rather
than turn that knob, I just waited or repeated my info more often and within
less than 30 seconds, the AGC relaxed and my signal was fine.  Cranking up
more power in these instances just makes the situation worse.

Thanks again for the FO-20 Q, Joe!


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