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Re: AO-40 U-Band

Hi Bruce

> Anyone using the FT-847 or IC-910H for U-band UL with or without a
> amplifier. I use both as is without amplifier and and have not heard
> myself on the DL.

I use my IC-910H on the U-band uplink and it works fine, along with a 13 
element vertically polaised yagi. I usually have to run less than its 
full 75W otherwise Leila takes an interest in me. It is very possible 
to work AO-40 with a barefoot IC-706 (20W) into the same yagi.

How strong do you hear the beacon ?

> Local repeater at 5 mi can hear me ok on U-Band.

Which doesn't really mean very much, theres a huge difference in 
magnitude between the two.

> 73
> Bruce KG4YEV

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