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SC 1024 RF output module specs needed

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From:   Gene Moore, 104475.77
To:     "AMSAT-BB", INTERNET:amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Date:   3/1/03  6:35 AM

RE:     SC 1024 RF output module specs needed

    Could any one give me the specs  on the SC 1024 RF output module for
the 440 side of a icom 970A radio.  I have the service mannual and it only
gives pin 4 and some 13 volts.  This voltage is there at transmit.  The
input on pin one on the 440 side is lower than the equivalent pin one on
the 144 side.  This is also less out put through SC 1024 than is being put
in.    Problem is there is not out put to speak of.  

   Was wondering if the SC 1024 could be tested out of circuit. If there
could be measurement taken to check for shorts or resistance?

      Gene Moore 

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