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RE: Can't hear AO40

Hi Steve
I can confirm ur tracking results (ur example),... I put ur location in
my tracking program, and I get the exact same figures for that date and
(only the altitude tricked me, until I realized u were in miles.. hi-hi)

So everything's ok so far... my guess is (like also mentioned by Ron
vk5akj) that u will benefit from a good, low-noise pre-amp directly at
the antenna.
Not necessarily very high gain, but definitely low noise-figure (= on
the "right side" of 1 dB, Ron's is 0.5, mine is 0.6 for ur ref.)

Furthermore, at that date and time, AO-40 was 60.000 km !!! away, and
the squint was approx. 19 deg.
In theory, ur helix may give u like 16 dBi, which is probably not ok for
a good contact near apogee.

Vy 73 de OZ4UI / Lars

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