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Can't hear AO40

Hi, I've been trying but can't hear AO40's downlink on
2.401 Ghz. I'm pretty experienced with satellites and
VHF/UHF but not at 2.4GHz.

Rig: FT847
Antenna: Homebrew 16-turn Helix
Downconverter: Down East Microwave, 2400:144
converter, mounted DIRECTLY to the helix feedpoint,
fed with a separate +14VDC signal. The downconverter
was sent back and operation confirmed by DEM.

I have an unobstructed view to horizon.

Location: CN88, 48 deg N, 122 deg W. I am within 1
mile of those exact coordinates(!) Closest major city,
Everett, WA USA.

I'm using Nova for Windows, Version 2.1q.
I've used Nova to successfully track and use RS13,
AO10, etc.

I've got new Keps, I've got my Alon/Alat set to 10/0
per the Amsat websites latest update. I think I
understand all the information about when it's
operating (MA 50-230) and the frequency of the
passbands and beacon freqs. I hear NOTHING.

I can listen to my neighbor's 2.4Ghz telephone on
2403.787 Ghz which translates to 147.787MHz after the
downconverter. He is 250 yards away, the signal is
S9+50dB (FM) with the preamp OFF. The pattern of the
helix seems good, with predictible side lobes, etc.

So, golly, I must be tracking it wrong.
Can someone please confirm tracking coordinates,
either for Everett, WA USA or for THEIR location and

>From Everett, WA CN88xa (48N, 122W)
Date: March 1 2003
UTC: 2358
AZ: 194.7
EL: 31.1
MA  103.4
Squint: 18.6 
Orbit #: 1073
Height: 35,479 miles

Any help would be appreciated. I'm pretty stumped.

73, Steve N4SL

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