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Re: TS-2000X birdie for SO-50 (was AA4RC Station)

Kenwood states there is a known birdie on 436.799 MHz, they don't want 
to fix it now.
Maybe in future rigs? So at 436.800 your receiver will be swamped by the 
birdie.  Found that
my TH-F6A picks up the birdie if it is held close enough to the TS-2000.

Jerry - K0HZI

Starr & Rosemary wrote:

>         Hi All,
>         This is my first posting here so hope it gets through OK.
>         I have a TS2000X which overall I am impressed with!
>         I have found similar problem with my radio regarding 436.800
>         Without any antennas connected and the pre amp on I found the 
> following:
>         (a)The birdie is stronger with the antenna connected, in fact 
> if just an unterminated N to BNC adaptor is connected to the UHF 
> outlet the level increases from S7 to S9 + 10dB.
>         (b) Switching off the sub receiver does not alter the level 
> while listening on the main receiver.
>         (c) Listening on the sub receiver:
>                 (1) The level was about the same when the main 
> receiver was on the HF/6m and 23cm bands.
>                 (2) The level was lower when the main receiver was on 
> the 70cm band. (Same as the sub receiver).
>                 (3) The level was at its lowest when the main receiver 
> was on the 2m band.
>         I too have found that my HT does pick up the birdie on 436.800 
> near the TS2000X.
>         I have also discovered (may not be a problem regards to 
> satellites) when tuning for a simplex frequency ensure that the TF-SET 
> button has not been operated to hear the input of a repeater (R 
> showing on the display) as this may put a Rx/Tx split in the simplex 
> frequency if the tuning was started in the repeater section of the band.
>         73's
>         Starr
>         ZL3CU
>         AMSAT/ZL member

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