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Ducie, and Re: The use of Phonetics

   From: "jon.eyre" <jon.eyre1@btinternet.com>
   Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 15:11:04 -0000

   Well we shore did wear out this subject!!!
   from Germany Seven Texas Zanzibar Zanzibar
I'm not sure we have, actually.  A set of alternate standard phonetics
are useful, also.  Look at http://www.ac6v/com/dxphonetics.htm

Sometimes the standard phonetics just don't quite get across, and a
different set can help resolve ambiguities, and hearing your call
repeated back with a different, but still good, set of phonetics is
a good confirmation.

That being said, I STILL try to copy "kilowatt" as KW.

Look for me from Ducie, on the 8th, I hope, about 15kHz up from the

I'm taking the M2 436CP30 for an uplink.  If time is critical, I'll
only assemble the aft end of it.

73, doug

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