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Re: phonetics, at any price

I sincerely apologise to anyone who is of Polish extraction and think that
'Kranski' is a part of the International Phonetic Alphabet.


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Subject: re: phonetics, at any price

Oh, how I dislike crass use of 'incorrect' phonetics.

On some occasions when operating at too late an hour to be completely
conscious without coffee, and I get a reply to a CQ something like "Kilowatt
Dixie Farve ....", then I'm afraid that I've been known to reply with
something like, "Vampire Kranski Uno Kwajalein Ecto-plasm, and I have to 3
by 2".

PLEASE use the international phonetics.

Victor Kilo Wun Kilo Echo Papa

Citizen of Australia and resident of the Australian Capital Territory

"Freedom is... free."

"No coffee... no workee."

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