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Re: Rig Choice, 23cm Capability Importance

At 09:59 PM 2/28/2003 -0600, John P. Toscano wrote:
>Although I never saw it on their website, when I got ready to order
>a 1269 transmitting converter from DownEast Microwave, I asked about
>a 70cm IF, so I could transmit with the FT-847 on a band other than
>2 meters, where my downconverter receives.  They said no, but I was
>told I could have it built with a 28 MHz IF instead of 144 MHz, and I
>could have it built in a fully weatherproof box for outdoor mounting.
>I bought it with both options.  From my serial number, it looks like
>no more than 5 people bought one before me, but I could be wrong, and
>I'm embarrased to say how long it's been sitting on my shelf instead
>of being out there on my antenna tower where it belongs, so maybe
>they sold a lot more AFTER mine.  (Or maybe not, since I can't see
>any version of the 1268 MHz transmitting converter listed on their
>web site right now.)

That's interesting and too bad if true.  I contacted Steve at DEM soon
after the S2 transponder was activated to inquire into both the mode-L
Tx-convertor and a Mode-X Rx-convertor.  Steve had only three produced at
that time and they were not using the wx-proof box.  That was unimportant
to me as I have a NEMA enclosure at the satellite tripod tower.  I got
serial no. 102 which I understand was the second unit made.  

Mine is the std 144/1268 unit with 10w transceiver interface option board.
This allows me to directly connect my FT-847 if I lower my power below 10w.
 I have a Drake-2880 modified to an IF of 435 MHz for mode-LS.  Another
Drake (with  stock IF 123 MHz) is connected to the LNA as well for mode-US.

73, Ed - AL7EB 

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