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RE: TS-2000X birdie for SO-50 (was AA4RC Station)

Well, if I tune the HT up or down a bit, the birdie goes away.  The HT
doesn't have this problem near any of the other radios on 436.800 either.
That would tend to make me believe that it's a TS-2000 specific issue.

Robin Cutshaw
AA4RC - EM73

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Now that is pure falsehood!  Anytime you put two transceivers in near
proximity without shielding, they will talk to each other.  In usual
competitive style the TS 2000 and many others that think they want to
join the "codeless revolution" junk radios, can not expect marginal
radios to do a superman job. They radiate, and you have witnessed that!!
Cliff K7RR

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