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Re: Anyone recognize "Equatorial" Microwave products fromMountain View CA?

This was part of a low speed (9.6KBPS) spread spectrum data distribution
system. These were receive only earth stations that operated on commercial
C-band satellites. The primary use was for distribution of financial
information. All the assets of "equitorial" were purchased by California
Microwave, which was later re-structured and called Adaptive Broadband. I
have a 24" version of the same system. I use the dish with a patch feed for
S band on AO40. I pulled out the parts that interested me and tossed the
rest. I worked for another division of California Microwave and spoke to the
guys in Sunnyvale about possibly getting schematics, but the product was
long since abandoned and any information was tossed in the dumpster. ( I
think that's what they did with most of the engineering staff too, according
to company policy)...


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