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Re: Use of Phonetics - And More

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, John W Lee wrote about USING PHONETICS:

Someone wrote: "There is nothing wrong with spelling anything phonetically
  on FM whether it be satellite or repeater."

> The man is right !  I'd guess that on any given pass of UO-14 or any
> other VOICE bird, AM, FM, SSB, that at least 25% of the QSO's I hear one
> of the stations gets the other station's call wrong.

Yes, But WHY?

My point was that I was getting all of the veryrapidly mumbojumbo
multisylibac phonetic calls all wrong, and the only ones I could reliably
get right were the ones that just said their call without phonetics!

I agree that Phonetics are very valuable when spoken slowly over a noisy
channel to improve information redundancy (WE ALL AGREE HERE!)  But a
machine-gun babble speak of phonetics on a clear FM channel where you can
hear the call just fine, is, in most cases, counter productive and ADDS
NOISE to the understanding process.

> You need to give your call slowly in standard phonetics so they can get
> it right.  You might need to give it more than once...

On UO14?  You are still talking Weak signal, HF, contacts, which have
nothing to do with the style on the clear UO-14 FM channel.

> I've had contacts on HF and VHF CW and SSB that have taken maybe 15
> minutes or a half hour just to get the callsigns and QTH exchanged due
> to real weak signals.  The payoff is getting it done right,

Please, 'we all agree to that' but we were only talking about UO14 rapid
fire 5 second contacts...

oh well... I wish I had never brought it up...;-)

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