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telemetry decode

I have a decoder that was made for Goddard Space Flight Center. I appears 
to have been made by Linkabit. The leds on the front indicate encoder sync, 
decoder sync, sync search and block error. The mode elect area has encoder 
fault, decoder fault and test mode leds with a test/operate switch. There 
is a switch that selects block size of 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 bits.

The circuits are TTL and transistor. The date codes indicate construction 
in the mid 1970'2.

Would this be of any use with amateur satellites or is it only good for parts?

Any comments appreciated. The overall unit is about 10" tall and fits into 
a 19" rack. The rack enclosure contains 3 or 4 of the encoder/decoder 
modules and a test module. The interface to the encoder/decoder modules is 
through the rack enclosure with DTE and DCE connectors.


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