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Re: Cardboard Antenna Question

on 2/27/03 10:30 AM, Bruce K3CMZ at k3cmz@arrl.net wrote:

> Will this type of antenna reduce the interferance I am
> getting from the Wi-Fi stuff that is swamping my reciever?

All antennas have some sort of radiation pattern around them.  Even dishes
have back lobes and side lobes although they are way down in the mud.

Most any dish or horn antenna will have minimal side and back lobes -
certainly much less than a Yagi - but you probably pick up more of the
interference on the primary lobe at lower elevation angles.  Not sure how to
help you there.  You may have to use some sort of DSP noise reduction to
help reduce those.

> Why the FCC let those guys use 80 Megs of freq space is
> beyond me, but I am getting very strong spikes of noise
> right across the passband of AO-40. Very hard to even copy
> the beacon, and forget those QSO's you guys are having!

Gee, according to many hams even, spread spectrum won't even be noticed!  We
are guilty of propagating this myth in our own community as well.  I've
heard many arguments from hams advocating FHSS techniques claiming that they
can co-exist with small signal guys.  Well, they can't and the problems at
2.4 GHz is obvious.

Why'd the FCC give Wi-Fi 80 mHz?  Dunno.  Lot's of people use the band.  And
right now, WLAN stuff is about the only bright spot in the telecom industry.
Since I work in that industry and it helps to put bread on my table I won't
question it too much.

For the same reason I suppose it could be asked why they gave us 500 MHz at
10 GHz?



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