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Re: Attitudes...

I want to correct something here that I've seen from several sources. FO 20
does not turn off the instant it hits eclipse. Instead, it sometimes does
not make it through eclipse completely. If you are careful not to overload
it it will often work while in eclipse.

Otherwise, I agree it sure would be nice to have more linear LEOs and the
ops to use them. I think the loss of a 100% operational mode A bird has cost
us many entry level users.

73, Drew, KO4MA

> just 2 these days.  Count FO-29 as one and FO-20 and AO-7 each as a half
> they won't work in eclipse.  It would be nice to have linear birds in an
> orbit similar to RS-15 with a bigger footprint.  But no one wants to build

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