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Re: Attitudes...

on 2/27/03 12:02 PM, Bob Bruninga at bruninga@usna.edu wrote:

>> The use of phonetics should be just the reason we need to get rid of those
>> dam "FM repeaters" in the sky! 8-0=
> HAM radio is so diverse, I have never understood why there is a need to
> criticize others choices of operations.  If one doesnt like FM, dont use FM.
> I'd rather see more construtive attitudes like..
> "what can I do to help build some more linear birds"
> rather than
> "get rid of those ... FM satellites"...

I think the issue is that while FM is fine, there's the technical issue that
on an FM bird with a single channel, you can have one conversation at a
time.  There's no way possible to satisfy all the users of an FM satellite
and many people get turned off with the "pileup" atmosphere and the way
people operate on them.

Data is a different story in that many users can multiplex and share the
channel.  But FM voice is one person at a time.  I really question the
wisdom of putting up continual FM satellites for voice.  I guess it's done
because it's easy, cheap and it follows pretty simply from the use of the
satellites for data.  But it doesn't satisfy demand for LEOs to communicate

I wish we had more linear xponder birds up there.  Other than AO-40, we have
just 2 these days.  Count FO-29 as one and FO-20 and AO-7 each as a half as
they won't work in eclipse.  It would be nice to have linear birds in an
orbit similar to RS-15 with a bigger footprint.  But no one wants to build
them because I guess they aren't "sexy" enough.  There's the argument that
people don't use the ones that are there.  That may be true but many times
the pass times for those birds aren't convenient for people.

It would be nice to have a multi-channel FM bird with a much wider passband
that could support say 5 or 10 QSOs simultaneously.  But I doubt that will
happen as the power requirements are too large.


Jon Ogden
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