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Re: Use of Phonetics - Was UO-14 Phonetics?

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Scott Townley wrote:

> 2. Even though I almost always give my call phonetically "November X-ray
> Seven United"--about 20% of the time it is copied "November Seven X-ray
> United".  Go figure...

Thats easy to figure why, and exactly my point.  In the full phonetic case
you say you always use, you are asking the guy to hold in termorary memory
a full ten sylables or sounds of information, and process them (translate
them to a LETTER equivalent).  If you just said N 7 X U it is only 4 and
there is no translation..  I would say it adds up to a very significant
factor in success on a clear FM channel.

I also bet if you said N 7 X U that no one would come back with N X 7 U.

That's how I figure it on a clear channel...

Not arguing with you, but just pointing out a different point of view...


P.S.  There are numerous studies that have shown that the human brain
peaks out at about 7 of anything.  Thats why shorter calls are better
and phone numbers tried to remiain at 7 digits as long as they could.
Artificially adding syllables when not needed is a sure way to degrade

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