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Cardboard Antenna Question

 I figured out how to make this type of antenna
out of aluminum flashing from Lowe's Hardware.

 They sell it in rolls 20 inches wide by 10 feet long.
It is quite thin, but a lot thicker than aluminum foil.

 Add an inch to each side and front, bend it at 90 degrees,
and we get a real stiff metal plane to work with.

 The extra inch of metal gives me a place to popit rivit
it together, and add mounting hardware.

 There should be some left over to make a cover for the
external equipment.

 A plastic front cover should keep the wind out of the
horn, keeping this thing from blowing away.

 But before I do this, I would like some comments.

 Will this type of antenna reduce the interferance I am
getting from the Wi-Fi stuff that is swamping my reciever?

 Why the FCC let those guys use 80 Megs of freq space is
beyond me, but I am getting very strong spikes of noise
right across the passband of AO-40. Very hard to even copy
the beacon, and forget those QSO's you guys are having!

			Bruce K3CMZ

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