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LEO Satellites

> Well Bob, I took your advice to heart and picked up a THD7 of my
> own.. enjoyed playing with one at the ham convention in vernon
> Is great fun so far and the first station I recieved here in tiny Avola
> was PCSAT!!!!!

Back when the TH-D7 came out, there were 10 Satellites you could use the
TH-D7 FM handheld with:  ISS, SO35, OO38, UO22, UO14, KO23, KO25, AO-27,
UO11 and LO19(cw demo).  Even on the 9600 baud packsats, with nothing but
the HT, you could copy packets and communicate if DIGI was turned on.

Today, without ISS, we only have two you can count on  UO14 and PCSAT(in
sun) plus others that may or may not be there.

Not complaining, but just pointing out that there is plenty of room for
more FM downlinks...  There are many in work... I hope...(we have two in

Bob, wb4apr

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