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Re: UO-14 Phonetics?

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Paul Womble wrote:

> Everyone keeps saying "no phonetics" but then by the end of the post
> they say "use phonetics".
> Which is it?

Like everything else, it always depends on the situation.

Well, I think I did a little better on today's pass.  Again, I'm not good
at working DX, too scatter brained I guess.  But thanks to those that made
it easier for me with short simple calls.  But I also agree that calls
with a letter that can be missinterpreted, need phonetics for it.  But
probably not for the whole call (on a clear FM channel)

I was using a D7 HT and an Arrow.
The students were using $88 HT's in a 2 foot chicken wire corner
reflecotr to listen.

No more scheduled class demos this semester, so thanks for the contacts.
Operator, W3ADO, US Naval Academy Club Station.

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