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xmit inhibitor

> All of the recent messages about accidently transmitting through a
> downconverter has renewed my interest in building some type of circuit to
> prevent damage to my d/c..
> Does anyone know of a circuit design that would inhibit RF from being
> to the d/c?

I looked for the same thing, and in the end went with "The Protector" from
SSB Electronics.  It is a bit expensive, but I put it in front of the d/c
and now I do not have to worry at all.  It blocks all RF and I do not have
to worry at all.  Rated at 50W ssb/cw or 30W fm and is for use with 144 Mhz
IF d/c only.

I am sure if you check their web site you will find somethig on it.


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