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Re: UO-14 Phonetics?

At 10:09 PM 2/26/2003 -0500, Paul Womble wrote:
>Everyone keeps saying "no phonetics" but then by the end of the post
>they say "use phonetics".
>Which is it?

Really folks, look up their use in an ARRL manual.

Phonetics should be used in situations where clear copy is in question, or
the other party can't copy it right.  They should not be used "all the
time", just as saying words twice is for special circumstances.  Use your
common sense.  And absolutely use the standard list*.

I teach phonetics in a commercial radio class.  Imagine the fun getting a
bunch of "Hard Hats" to speak anything close to english.
I agree also with not using Q-signals on voice when plain language will
suffice (ditto ten-codes).

That being said I often have to give my call phonetically since many hams
still don't know that AL7 prefix is for Alaska and substitute KL7.  "EB" is
tough, too.  In my case the SM is KL7EB, so I get confused with him on the
local repeater, contantly.  Geeze we don't even sound the same.

my two centavos!
Echo Delta
*Another Lousy Seven Easter Bunny ....{yuk!}

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