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Re: Use of Phonetics - Was UO-14 Phonetics?

on 2/26/03 9:17 PM, Joel Black at w4jbb@charter.net wrote:

> Have you ever noticed how one letter in the phonetic alphabet does not sound
> like any other?  There's a reason for that - lack of confusion.

Actually while ideally this is the case, it's not always so under bad signal

I held KE9NA before my current call.  Echo and Delta sound a LOT alike under
QRM and QSB.  You'd be surprised.  With NA9D I get Delta and Alpha mixed up.
The difference between Delta and Alpha phonetically isn't much.  Denmark is
better but even then it gets screwed up!

Then people don't use the correct phonetics for all letters anyhow.  The
worst is Queen instead of Quebec.


Jon Ogden
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