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Re: UO-14 Phonetics?

on 2/26/03 8:28 PM, Reicher, James at JReicher@hrblock.com wrote:

> Jon, for once we agree.  With UO-14, the audio is so clear that it's easy to
> hear the letters.  Now I might make an exception for a gridsquare, since
> EM29 can sound like EN29.

Thank you.  For those who don't agree:

The case for phonetics in ANY operation is to use them where necessary.  I
sometimes find that phonetics makes it MORE difficult to operate, especially
when in a portable situation.  Also, when a signal is fine and clear, then
there is NO need for them regardless of mode.  To say it's poor to use them
when not needed is perhaps too strong.  But the idea that they need to be
used in every transmission.....

And phonetics aren't fool proof.  I can't tell you how many times I have
called November Alpha Nine Delta in a pileup or weak signal mode and I get
back November Alpha Nine Alpha.  While NA9A is a friend of mine, I prefer my
own call!  :-)

So just because you give phonetics doesn't mean people copy your call
anyhow!  Then you have to give them over again anyhow.

Bob is correct in that a 2x3 call takes a LONG time with phonetics.  When
the audio is clean like on UO-14 there is no need and more stations can work
w/o them.  But yes, in cases where one is not clear, they are needed.  As I
said previously, it is faster if I give my call and then have to correct one
letter ONCE than give everything all the time.

For example using phonetics:

Whiskey Baker Four Alpha Poppa Romeo this is November Alpha Nine Delta
Roger, November Alpha Nine Delta you are 5 by 9 in Echo Mike thirty four (or
wherever Bob is).
Thank you, Bob.  You are 5 x 9 in Echo November fifty two.  November Alpha
Nine Delta.

Now, take this:

WB4APR this is NA9D.
NA9B you are 59 EM34.
Negative Bob, last letter Delta.  You are 59 EN52. NA9D
NA9D QSL. Thanks, Jon.  QRZ from WB4APR.

Now, which is the faster exchange?  Even if I have to give a fill to Bob, it
is still quicker to use the MINIMUM amount of information and then fill in
where needed.  And this goes for say E-N-5-2 over Echo November Fifty Two.

On a satellite you can (or should) be able to CLEARLY hear yourself and your
downlink (unless you are using something like an FT-817 or some other
non-full duplex radio.  You can easily tell when your speech is in the clear
and when it isn't.  Phonetics are over used and as I said before even
phonetics are not fool proof. So why use any amount of air time or speech
that is not absolutely necessary?  Especially on an FM satellite where time
is at a premium and only one person can talk at a time!



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)

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"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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