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Re: UO-14 Phonetics?

Reicher, James wrote:

> Jon, for once we agree.  With UO-14, the audio is so clear that it's easy to
> hear the letters.  Now I might make an exception for a gridsquare, since
> EM29 can sound like EN29.

Erm...don't gridsquares and callsigns came out of the same alphabet?

I originally heard the "no phonetics on FM" argument when I was a tech, 
and after a few years operating now in lots of different modes, I think 
it's bogus, originally intended to create a reverse snob distinction 
between the HF and the VHF/UHF-only gang.

In aviation, where a wrong callsign can mean a fatal accident instead of 
  just "no QSL card", we use phonetics all the time...and the standard 
ones at that. Yes, I know, aviation VHF is AM. But even 122.8 MHz AM on 
a sunny springtime Saturday morning is a clearer channel than UO-14 on 
an East Coast evening or weekend.

There's just too many English letter names that sound the same. If I 
don't use phonetics, K3XS becomes K3XF on a callback at least 20% of the 
time on a new contact, no matter what mode I'm working. It's almost as 
if the "X" creates mental chaos, and the next letter hits wake turbulance.

Of course, we also still get K3SX and K3FX and even KS3X...as well as 
those other folks who seem to have a little trouble with the idea that a 
YL could have a 1x2 call.."KAY BEE THREE EXS ESS what was the rest of 
your call?" No amount of phonetics will help them.

And phonetics aren't *always* called for; that funny antenna isn't a 
"Juliette pole" and I'm not wearing a "tango shirt". But when there's no 
  semantic context to add redundancy, I think phonetics on phone--no 
matter how modulated--are fine.

Back in my mainframe days, when addresses for peripheral devices and 
memory and error codes were commonly discussed in hexadecimal, phonetics 
were used all the time...since A and F were the only alphabetic hex 
digits that *didn't* rhyme.

  73 de Maggie "kilo three x-ray sierra", who hopes the next cop that 
calls in her licence plate uses phonetics, even though he's on FM

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