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Use of Phonetics - Was UO-14 Phonetics?

Just my $.02, as someone else put it.  Spell phonetically anytime something
can be (or you think it can be) confused.  There is nothing wrong with
spelling anything phonetically on FM whether it be satellite or repeater.
Have you ever noticed how one letter in the phonetic alphabet does not sound
like any other?  There's a reason for that - lack of confusion.

What I hate are "Q" signals on repeaters.  Do you really need to say "QSY"
when you're changing to a different repeater?  When I started ham radio some
10 years ago, I was told that FM repeaters were to be used like a phone in
that you carry on a normal conversation without "radio jargon."

Former Marine radio-operator HQ 1/11, H&S 2/5, H&S 1/1.

Joel B. Black, W4JBB

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