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Re: UO-14 Phonetics?

> You guys must drive better cars than I do.

Or have local repeaters with better audio processors on them.  ;-)

> DX Ops in any qrm environment have found for many years that phonetics 
> work,
> and work well. I hardly consider them poor operators. The chances of 
> getting
> a grid square correctly without phonetics, approaches zero in many 
> cases, so
> let's not paint the use of phonetics with too broad a brush, eh guys?

My $.02, from my own experience:  Phonetics, whether they are APCO or 
ITU or cute mnemonics, all have their place.  It's probably OK to do 
without them in some cases (your ears may be better able to tell B,P,D, 
V, and T apart better than some people's) but when you need to verify 
the callsign or grid they're invaluable.  I usually don't use them when 
calling *into* a pileup, but my callsign is hard enough to copy without 
them that if I don't want to get logged as N5BB or N5DB I pretty much 
have to use them at least for the exchange ..
           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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