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PB and PG v.2.1.0 - programs for communicating with Microsat satellites

I have uploaded version 2.1.0 of PB and PG for Linux to Metalab.unc.edu. The file name is pbpg-2.1.0.tar.gz. I have placed the file and the accompanying lsm-file in /incoming/Linux. The target directory is /pub/linux/apps/ham. The file may also be downloaded from 

The package has been changed substancially on several points relative to the previous releases:

1) I have removed all usage of an UDP port as a means to controlling PB. PB can now be controlled either throught the control FIFO or by signals.

2) I added a filter to PB so that only packets from the satellite of interest are processed by PB. 

3) PB now displays how many percent of a file have been received - provided PB has heard the FTL0 file header.

4) If the Predict program by KD2BD, John Magliacane, is running in server mode on the machine running PB, PBCTRL will (attempt to) display antenna positioning data and doppler data as an aid in manual satellite tracking. See README.predict for details.

5) There have been many minor corrections.

The lsm reads as follows:

Title:          PB and PG for Linux
Version:        2.1.0
Entered-date:   17 DEC 2002

Description:    PB and PG for Linux are programs used for download from and
        upload to digital satellites (Pacsats) supporting the FTL0
        protocol. This software allows you to directly communicate 
        with the Microsat series of satellites. It provides a 
        Curses (Ncurses) based user interface. It features automatic 
        directory fill requests and simple, rules based file 
        download requests.
        This version of the programs will work with kernel
        revisions 2.0.24 or higher.
Keywords:       AX.25
        Digital Satellites
                Amateur Radio
Author:         oz6bl@amsat.org (Bent Bagger)
        oz2aba@amsat.org (Peter Scott Bentsen)
        and others.
Maintained-by:  oz6bl@amsat.org (Bent Bagger)
Primary-site:   metalab.unc.edu /pub/linux/apps/ham/pbpg-2.1.0.tar.gz
Alternate-site: ftp.amsat.org   /amsat/software/Linux/pbpg-2.1.0.tar.gz
Copying-policy: GPL.

Happy hamming


Bent Bagger, OZ6BL
Danmark    (JO65EU)

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