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Re: CYBIKO's via PCSAT...

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Was it you I saw yesterday?  I was driving to get my kids from school and
> saw someone using a CYBIKO show up on the front of my radio during a PCSAT
> pass...?

I didn't try it yesterday, but you may have seen me the day before. I
just arrived home from work when I noticed that PCSAT was in view. Those
PCSAT bulletins on .39 really help. So I quickly switched to 144.825
while I was still sitting in the driveway and started beaconing my
position. However, I didn't see any packets from me coming back so I
figured I didn't make it. I forgot which path to use so I tried
different ones hoping that one packet would make it through. The radio
is just a 5 Watt HT (part of my Cybiko tracker box) with a 19" whip on
the roof. 

In the past I've used the two Cybiko setup many times to get on PCSAT.
Beats sitting outside in the heat during the summer (or cold in the
winter, but we don't have that here) waiting for a pass. :)

I just realized I'm not on amsat-bb anymore. I need to correct that.

--Alex KR1ST
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