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On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Alex wrote about linking through PCSAT.

> Shameless plug: Folks using the Cybikos are able to do this from day
> two. (there was no gateway on day one) Just hook a Cybiko (Classic) to
> your tracker box (or anything that talks KISS), start UI Gate and use a
> second Cybiko running UI Messenger to roam around your house or yard.

Was it you I saw yesterday?  I was driving to get my kids from school and
saw someone using a CYBIKO show up on the front of my radio during a PCSAT

For AMSAT-BB:  A CYBIKO is a $89 kids wireless handheld game/PC that Alex
has written software making it into a wireless APRS device...


> Sometimes I put a tracker box on the patio with a moxon rectangle (made
> from just #14 solid wire and some PVC) if I want to play with PCSAT. In
> 2001 I put my xmas tree on PCSAT that way, hoping that Santa would be
> able to find it better. I think I pulled that article from my website
> already.
> Of course you can also hook it to the TNC on the APRS setup you have in
> the shack and you get the same flexibility. Messaging, mapping etc,
> without having to be at your operating position. No second APRS capable
> transceiver needed. PCSAT operations everywhere.
> Dunno if the TS2K has a KISS-out or else you could hook it up to that
> too. Or hook the Cybiko to your D7 (make sure you add the XFLOW OFF in
> the KISS setup screen) and add mapping capabilities when you use Bob's
> setup.
> If you run Xastir with just a soundmodem TNC, even better! Use
> kissattach to create a second port (see the DIGI_NED documentation) and
> hook a Cybiko running UI Gate to that. That way you add a ton of
> flexibility to your setup without the need of a single TNC. Now you can
> send and receive messages and have mapping capabilities without having
> to be at your main setup while that one keeps humming as it always has
> been doing. This used to be my favorite setup until I moved and lost my
> Linux setup. I bet you can do the same using UI-View.
> You can even use it for Beaconet.25, so you can see if the band opens
> even when you are sitting on the couch watching tv or pulling weeds in
> your yard.
> Easy listening in any situation and for any APRS type application. :)
> 73,
> --Alex KR1ST
> http://www.kr1st.com
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