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Re: FT-847 Hiccups

I'm happy to report that Tony's suggestion, to keep the VFO Track function 
off the radio when using Itune did the job.

Thanks to all who replied to this post.

73, George

Original message:

I got my 847 about 2 years ago new.  Presently I use it mainly for 2 
meters, spare HF rig, and as a satellite xcvr.

Recently, while tuning on AO-40, the subband VFO went crazy and started to 
jump to different frequencies and changing from LSB to USB.  The the main 
VFO soon followed suit.  After I turned the rig off and on again, it 
started OK, but then did the same song and dance again.  I use the 
Instantrack software with the 1.09 version of Instatune, to compensate for 
doppler. When I don't use Instatune, and tune manually, the rig operates 

I wonder if anyone on this list has experienced something similar, and what 
was the fix, if any.

73, George

George Liepins, KE4HW
Amateur Radio Operator
and Professional Retiree

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