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Re: ClearSpeech Stuff

on 2/23/03 6:30 PM, Mike Murphree at mike@tropo.org wrote:

> I still have a DSP-599zx
> though,
> since its random noise reduction mode works a lot better than the NR1
> mode on
> the TS-2000 which needs a fairly good SNR to work with.

I haven't found my DSP-599zx's random noise reducer to be all that great.  I
know they upgraded the firmware a couple years ago.  I've never had that.  I
still have the original firmware that has the audio voltmeter and two tone
test generator, etc.  I think some of that stuff had to be removed for the
new functions in the firmware upgrade.

Maybe they changed the NR algorithm.....I've had one or two people tell me
their 599 changes the noise about as much as my ClearSpeech.  Gee, if all I
needed was a firmware upgrade, it would have been cheaper!  Oh well..... :-)



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