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AO40 beacon+20 net

The next session of the beacon+20 net will be on 2mar03 at 1900z.

Off-pointing is very good, and Eastern Europe is available to the US and 
Please be aware that the sked is subject to change, and if we get the 
change soon
enough an adjustment will be made.

At the present time we have four net controls.  We would like to get six in 
queue in
the event that several of the controls are unable to take their turn.  Please
let me know if you are interested in joining our group as net control.

The rules are very simple as we have none! Other than to operate the net at 
20 kHz
above the beacon.  When your turn comes, simply announce it here, and then the
operation is completely up to you.  The present controls use a modified 
round table
format, but if you wish, exert positive control.


If not convenient for you, simply hand it off the the next person in the 

All amateurs, anywhere are encouraged to check in...We would like to 
discourage ditters
from locating themselves on the net frequency, but if that is the way for 
you to get there,
so be it.  HOWEVER, you will do the net a big favor by going up/down 10 
kHz, locating
yourself on ssb, and then to the math for two radios, or crank for the 
newer ones.

Jerry, k5oe, just broke our previous record of 38 check-ins, I think he 
said 43.
I can't remember what our record was on O13, maybe someone out there can 
remind us.

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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