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Re: ClearSpeech Stuff

On Sunday, February 23, 2003, at 10:53  AM, Franco Borsa - hb9oab wrote:

> HI Jon,
> they agree that DSP-599zx is a really a good DSP, but there and' also 
> to say
> that 817 is not a great receiver with this .
> With the TS2000 or with IC775 or FT847, TS790...or also the old DRAKE  
> line
> with double dwconverter I don't have need of further filters and dsp to
> decrease the noise...

That was my original thought, the FT-817 is as wide open as the 
barn door without extra filters.  The TS-2000's IF DSP will help a lot 
to get
rid of the "hiss" evident in Jon's recording.  I still have a DSP-599zx 
since its random noise reduction mode works a lot better than the NR1 
mode on
the TS-2000 which needs a fairly good SNR to work with.

Mike W4LNA

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