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Re: ClearSpeech Stuff

 Thanks for the test recording's Jon, I had no problem with the link. A few
week's ago when this discussion was started I took the ClearSpeech unit  out
of my mobile setup and tried it on the sats with my 847. I found it most
effective on AO40, and AO07, it's not needed here on the FM or FOO bird's,
but this might be due to my base station antenna system, portable use on
these bird's are a different story.  My conclusion was that it work's well
with the 847's low and high cut DSP filter. It worked so well that I ordered
another ClearSpeech unit, the Base unit without the speaker. I then wired it
into my station so I could switch it between my 847 ,and  817. It also
work's well with my FT-100 mobile rig. I didn't try it yet with my 756PRO,
or Pegasus, but I don't think it will work better then what's already
avaliable on these rig's. I am very happy with the ClearSpeech unit so far.

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "Jon Ogden" <na9d-2@speakeasy.net>
> I'll try to add some more ClearSpeech recordings to my web site in the
> coming days.  I know some people told me that they couldn't load the file
> even after I fixed the link.

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