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ClearSpeech v. TS-2000

I carefully compared the files from Jon and Scott (thanks, guys) to the Noise Reduction 1 mode (SSB) on my TS-2000 and find:
- stronger signals, say 6 dB or more out of the noise, are about the same level of improvement... less background noise, improved clarity, but some slight compression and distortion to the audio.
- very weak signals, near the noise floor of the receiver, show better improvement on the ClearSpeech than on the Kenwood.  In fact, I don't find the Kenwood NR1 to be helpful at all for very weak signals on SSB.  It is just the opposite on CW using the Kenwood NR2 algorithm--as this one pulls out stuff I can't copy by ear.  NR2 is too narrow for SSB.

My setup for NR1 on AO-40 (not the same as for HF):
- NR1 ON
- LOCUT filter 500 Hz (HF set to 200)
- HICUT filter 2400 Hz (HF set to 2000)
- RX EQUAl (menu 20) CONVEN
- AGC ON (set about mid-point)

My biggest question is:  when will the sound card programs surpass these dedicated gadgets?  My guess is within the next year.  After all, this is not magic, but state-of-the-art programing using digital signal processing techniques.  Just like objects in your rear view mirror, the software defined radios are closer than they appear :-)
Jerry, K5OE
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