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cardboard box antennas

since my BBQ antenna is not supposed to be working well (according to 
others, not to me), I am considering switching to the cardboard box 
antennas described in the most recent issue of QST. I saw these at the 
symposium in Fort Worth, and was intrigued. I may try building them.

Questions: does anyone have a recommendation to weatherproof cardboard 
box antennas? and how about az/el controls and mounting on my mast? I'm 
  a little concerned that the design will catch the wind even more than 
a standard dish, and with such light weight will be blown into the next 
county with an even light wind. Anyone tried this?  Or should I just 
stick to my BBQ grill?

BTW, if the BBQ grill antenna comes down -- has anyone ever actually 
USED IT to cook burgers? If so, what is the best position to use it to 
keep the burgers from slipping to the middle? And since I'm a 
vegetarian and eat veggie  burgers,  will veggie burgers cook okay on 
the grill?

PLEASE,  please -- these questions should not be construed as an 
invitation to an ongoing debate ('argument') on the list. If you 
believe my questions are in any way controversial, please respond 
PRIVATELY because I, like many others, am tiring of endless debates 
with no definitive end.

- 73 -

Steve Muncy, NI5V    <mailto:ni5v@arrl.net>
Dalllas, TX USA         <http://homepage.mac.com/smuncy/hamradio/
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