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Kids and Cardboard Boxes

Many of you at the AMSAT meeting in Ft. Worth were impressed with the
disposable cardboard box antennas for AO-40 developed by Tony Monterio,
AA2TX. They are described in detail in the March 2003 QST on page 57.

If you were in the outer room at the meeting, you saw a lot of kids in green
tee-shirts building a copy of Tony's antennas. The kids were all students at
the DeGoyler School (K5DES) and nearly all have obtained licenses under the
tutelage of their teacher, Sanlyn Kent, KD5LXO. DeGoyler is a "magnet
school" participating as one of the prototypes for the ARRL "Big Project".

Seeing the enthusiasm of the DeGoyler students was like magic for me. I hope
some of you will the share the magic by looking at the latest issue
(Jan/Feb, page 6) of the AMSAT JOURNAL; the article "To Inspire the Next
Generation of Explorers ..." captures some of the excitement we all felt
when we saw the kids in action.

If you want to see some more photos of the kids in action, they are posted

(note -- that's TWO __ characters in kids__amsat. If you have problems,
  just go to  http://www.pbase.com/tomcat and click on the galley).

Sanlyn provided a list of the students and adults in the photos:
> Allie Bettinger KD5TWH
> Dylan Barth KD5SXA
> Sebastian Lyde KD5SXC
> Alejandro Michael KD5SWY
> Mollie Ferguson KD5RQH
> Alicia Wicker KD5RQD
> Peggy Mason (adult) KD50JF
> Glendon Plumton KD5OJH
> Carolyn Barth (adult)
> Andrea Bledsoe--ham in training
> Sanlyn Kent KD5LXO
> Tony Montiero, AA2TX
> Kent Brittan, WA5VJB

And she decoded the pictures to identify who is in each of my photos:

> 3043--Dylan, Allie, Alicia, Andrea, Tony, Glendon, Alejandro
> 3042--Dylan, Mollie(behind), Allie, Andrea, Tony, Glendon, Alejandro
> 3044--Peggy, Sanlyn, Sebastian, Allie, Mollie, Andrea, Alicia
> 3046--Alejandro, Me, Allie, Andrea, Mollie and Alicia in the background.
> 3047--Allie, Andrea, Tony, Alejandro, Sanlyn, Glendon
> 3048--Allie
> 3049--Andrea, Me behind box, Tony, Carolyn, Glendon, Alejandro
> 3050--Sanlyn, Tony, Glendon, Alejandro
> 3051--Allie, Alicia sitting, Andrea(pony tail), Alejandro(back of head),
        Carolyn, Tony, Dylan(behind), Glendon
> 3052--Sanlyn, Allejandro, Tony, Andrea, Sebastian, Carolyn, Glendon
> 3053--Carolyn (back of head), Tony, Sebastian, Dylan, Alejandro,
        Allie, Andrea(back)
> 3054--Tony, Alejandro, Sanlyn, Andrea, Carolyn
> 3055--Dylan, Alejandro, Mollie, Andrea, Allie(back of head),
        Alicia, Carolyn, Tony
> 3056--Carolyn, Glendon, Tony, Alejandro, Dylan(back of head), Allie
> 3057--Peggy, Carolyn, Tony, Allie, Alejandro, Dylan.
        In the foreground--Alicia, Mollie, Andrea, Sanlyn
> 3061--Tony, Glendon, Carolyn
> 3062--Alejandro, Peggy
> 3063--Tony, Sanlyn, Carolyn
> 3064--Carolyn, Glendon
> 3065--Peggy, Alejandro
> 3066--Alicia, Andrea, Dylan, Mollie, Alejandro
> 3069--Carolyn, Dylan, Peggy

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos with pride as we see the Next
Generation in action!

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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