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Fwd: Re: EN01 XE2AT


>From: Larry Lambert NĜLL <n0ll@ruraltel.net>
>To: Alvaro de Leon <xe2at@xe2crh.ampr.org>, xe2yvw70@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: EN01 XE2AT
>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:32:08 -0600
>Al,  Here is what might happen.  Tomorrow morning Friday the 2 passes I 
>will try to operate from the moble in EN00.  I've got a church confrence to 
>go to then I might get out in time to get up to EN01 which is about 20 
>miles North on Kearney, Nebraska where I'll be staying Friday nite. I will 
>miss the two AM passes Saturday morning but may stay in Nebraska an extra 
>day and drive up to Burwell, Ne for a EN02 both passes Saturday nite then 
>stay all nite in Burwell and be up to the EN02 grid line agn Sunday Morning 
>for the first pass then on the second pass will try to be in EN02 or EN01 
>then go to church and come home or drag my feet and be in EN01 for the 
>night passes Sundat nite.  Depends on the weather and other possible 
>happenings. Tell others please.  I have a new dual band antenna on the Pick 
>up but will take the 432 beam if I can get someone to go with me we can us 
>that because it recieves better.
>Larry N0LL

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