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Re: AIDC Downconverter Survey Results

on 2/21/03 10:32 AM, kevin schuchmann at kschuchm@pacbell.net wrote:

> I don't know why you continue to drag this out...
> you yourself have acknowledged that a BBQ wont hear the noise floor...

Actually, I was not the one who started the debate again.  I was following
up on the AIDC survey that I had taken a few weeks ago.  I promised to post
the information I received.  All I was doing was reporting back what people
said.  People reported BBQs to be "adequate."  Many told me this.  That does
not mean ideal, superb, or anything.  It means it's good enough to make
QSOs.  Obviously, I agree that if two stations can hear each other they
should use the minimum power available.  But the power problems due to
"loud" stations on AO-40 are not due to the BBQs.

The dragging out was started when you questioned their "adequacy."  I had no
desire to restart anything, seriously.  I was just trying to give a report
to people of what I found and what users have told me.

Your statement about meshing the dish and changing the feed is well taken.
I plan to play with that among other things.  It's cold here now and so I am
stuck for a while with what I have.  But no, I am NOT satisfied with the
performance as is.  The BBQ as is is "adequate" when the bird has a good
squint and good elevation.  It is not very adequate when the squints get
much above 15 to 20 degrees and when there are obstructions such as trees.
I would not call this "marginal."

I just dislike the idea of people saying that running at the 10 dB under the
beacon point is "too much power."  In some cases, perhaps it is, but in
other cases it isn't.  As has been talked about mathematically, you really
can't go that much more under 10 dB below before you start getting an
insufficient SNR anyhow.


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