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Power Wars Again

I believe saying people need to hear the noise floor is extreme.  That never
used to be a requirement (on AO-13).  Sure it was a goal to shoot for, but
few could afford to achieve it.  It's kind of like saying if you don't have
6 elements on 40 meters there is no point in being on.

If you can operate 10 dB below the beacon (hear stations at this level and
produce this level).  YOU ARE OK!  Not great, not the best on the bird, but
OK.  This is nothing to be ashamed of.  You have met the conditions the
builders and operators of the satellite have asked you to meet.  This is the
minimum requirement.  Yes there will be some stations you can not copy.
Just like my 40 meter dipole doesn't hear as much as a 40 meter 6 element
beam will.  I believe the controllers have stated repeatedly that if
everyone's downlink is 10 dB below the beacon, all is well!

There is never an end to escalation.  You could just as easily state.
Whoever doesn't have good enough DSP to operate at 10 dB below the noise
floor should get off the bird...

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