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Re: AIDC Downconverter Survey Results

> Mike,
> The issue is that some people on the satellite feel that unless you can hear
> the noise floor of the bird you shouldn't operate.  Their view is that
> operating at 10 dB under the beacon is loud and excessive because if you had
> a "good" antenna you can hear everything.  While it's true that a single
> helix or a BBQ can't hear the noise floor and you could theoretically not
> hear someone calling, no one should be discouraged from operating because of
> whatever reason.  
> There are some who just can't accept that fact.

WRONG just plain WRONG, never said it never will...

only said that I raise an exception to someone who says a BBQ  or other marginal system is good enough...

some people cant figure out if you improve your hearing by 3db or 6db or whatever you need to hear the noise floor
 that guess what... others will be easier to copy..

I don't care if you still run 10 under the beacon after, it will just be armchair copy for you...

and the only thing it buys me... is people will hear me if I'm running less 

so come one come all on the sat


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