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Re: AIDC Downconverter Survey Results

Hello Mike,
   I'm not slamming anyone's system,and I am not saying that yours doesn't work...
 but when you heard your cw signal at 3 watts another station that was able to hear the noise
floor of the transponder might have heard you at  1 1/2 watts or maybe even a 1/2 watt...
  I would just like for people to shoot for hearing the noise floor of the sat... 
not their noise floor but the sats... when you hear that... your hearing it all
when you don't hear it, then your missing things and your running more power,
and you can look at the power thing a couple ways...
 if your missing the noise floor by 3db, then your 3db stronger than you need to be...
 or.....if you get back that 3db everyone will be 3db louder to you... and wouldn't you like it if
 everyone on the sat jumped up 3 db?

yes its a great sat to tinker with... 
I have used... a BBQ, a 52 element looper, 3 foot dish,4.5 foot dish and a  6 foot dish
and different dc's and preamps,some bought, some built,and when I had the BBQ I tried
 two different transystem down converters with mods and never heard the noise floor of the sat at apogee,
 until they switched on S1,but S1 probably isn't coming back, so my feeling is that a BBQ is less than optimum...

when people say they are fine, or they have no problems with them, I disagree...

get a 24db gain antenna (3 foot dish) with a low noise preamp and you will be all set...

have fun on the sat with whatever system you want to run... 


> To inject my thoughts about this matter, I was the person with the single
> helix/3733 combination.
> With the sat at apogee and decent squint, I could turn my power all the way
> down on the FT-847 ( 3W ) and still hear my CW signal above the noise.
> I've got some great DX contacts and QSL cards at elevations below 10 degrees
> and my antennas are 8 ft. off the ground.
> This is a great satellite for antenna building. I always welcome new
> stations that I hear for the first time. I'm glad they are on AO-40 because
> it's not crowded.
> Thank you
> Mike

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