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SO-50 with HH and Whipe Antenne

Yesterday my first qso on SO-50 with G3LGR
it was easy with my Arrow antenne pointing out the window
from the house
up 5 watt with the kenwood TM-V7  down HH yaesy FT-470
my own downlink was clear sounding also from G3LGR
I could copy the sat almost down the horizon

Today I tried again now only the HH FT-470 5 watt with a whipe antenne
from Diamond  the slim gainer AZ510B 93 cm long (about 3 feet) on it
I was driving just outside the city when SO-50 came up
I stopped and jumped out to setup the Handheld 

It was more difficult to copy my own downlink
but after some trying and pointing  I was able to make a qso with G8ATE
thanks Robert for you report
there was another station but I could not copy that

73 Christ pe5yes

    Christ van der Weide           e-mail       pe5yes@amsat.org
    Eindhoven  loc JO21sk          packet www   http://pe5yes.ampr.org
    the Netherlands  PCSAT ISS     packet ax25  pe5yes@pi8zaa.#nbo.nld.eu
    AO-7-10-27-40 UO-14 FO-20-29   packet smtp  pe5yes@sys2.pi8zaa.ampr.org
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