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Interference on "S" band downlink in UK

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For the whole of the operational period of AO-40 I've been lucky 
enough to have very good "S" band receive conditions from my fairly 
rural location near Bedford which is about 80 kilometres north of 
London. Then last week I started to get strong wideband interference 
which seems to be centred around 2398MHz but spreading right across 
the AO40 passband. I took my receive system and patch feed out in the 
car but on a first sweep found it quite hard to DF the source, 
although it's strong for miles around from any open location. I plan 
to set up a small mobile dish to track it down but wondered if anyone 
knows whether there are other active non-amateur users of the band in 
the Midlands/East Anglia area of the UK.

Chris G4SDG

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