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Re: Seeking Opinions: FT-847

on 2/17/03 4:13 PM, Edward R. Cole at al7eb@ptialaska.net wrote:

>> Would I buy it again?  Yes.
> I agree it makes a nice all-in-one package: HF-6m-2m-70cm.  That was my
> deciding factor for my trading in my DEM 144 and 432 xvtrs, FRG-100, and
> FT-840.

Agreed.  For the price, the limitations are easily overlooked.  This is a
$1200 radio or so now and you get everything in it.  Something has to give.
Some of the audio issues mentioned are somewhat fixed by doing a simple
removal of a couple of resistors on the volume knob board.  I have a Heil
headset that works great with it.

There is also a quirk in the packet set up (connector wiring) for running
9600 baud vs. 1200 baud packet.  If you plan on running packet, let me know
and I'll dig through the cobwebs to tell you.  I can't remember it at the
moment and I would need to look at the radio's schematic to remember.  It's
not really a problem though.

I sold my FT-840, FT-290II, FT-790II, FT-690II, accessories and a Mirage 6m
amp and bought the FT-847.  I had money left in my pocket!

I would do it all again too.  Love the 847.



Jon Ogden
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